Kristen Damm

Project Coordinator

Kristen Damm has enjoyed 11 years of administrative experience. Prior to working in the construction industry, she served as a legal assistant, gaining an understanding of law that has been an invaluable support to her throughout her career. For six years, Kristen was a field office manager for a local construction company, where she gained a passion for keeping projects on track by performing all the background work required in construction.

Her ability to provide vital support for projects led to her job in the industrial setting as assistant to the CFO. In this role, Kristen excelled in working with customers, processing invoices, and filing the requisite tax information. She continued to develop her ability to provide the administrative function that allows projects to roll out.

After four years as assistant to the CFO, Kristen once again turned to construction office management by accepting a position with Capital West Development. She works with project managers and subcontractors to ensure clients get the best results. Kristen also processes invoices and coordinates operations in addition to working directly with customers. She understands that the construction process is foreign to most clients, and she loves to help them every step of the way.

Professional Credentials

  • Background in law
  • Finance competency
  • Computer proficiency


  • Business Accounting from University of Nevada


  • Serving clients
  • Organizing office operations and procedures
  • Managing correspondence
  • Working with subcontractor and construction documents
  • Processing statements, invoices, and payments
  • Maintaining financial records
  • Filing tax forms
  • Coordinating meetings and schedules
  • Maintaining files and contracts
  • Organizing documents